Michelle Jardines

Michelle Jardines is a first generation Cuban-American who has emerged in the wake of the influence of Gerhard Richter and J.M.W Turner. Jardines is constantly refining her visual influences through multiple areas of contemporary art. Her Cuban heritage has led her to focus on abstract realism and abstract expressionism that are continuously evolving through her life experiences.  

Through expressive palettes knife, brush strokes and various blending techniques, she alters and creates compelling and memorable paintings with bold colors and dramatic compositions. She explores the spiritual fragility of her surrounding environment and human emotion and how it can be expressed through her works of paint. 

“My intention as an artist is to transfer my deep thoughts into acceptable strokes.  That moment of sublimation where my impulse converts and transforms what I create into a moment that stands still into the audiences mind. In return, my hope is that it brings them calmness, connection…like a divine dream and I lose sight of my initial thoughts.  A harmonious peace between the audience and I is then created.” 

Jardines’s work can be found in public and private collections in the United States and has been seen in numerous exhibitions in the southeast.

Series III: Forlorn Fog is a series based on loss and the grieving process one undertakes. Loss, so very complicated and we all experience it at some point in our lives. Wether it’s a death, relationship, addiction…oneself. Wrapped in loss, you also lose a part of yourself and in this series my hope is to express the process of finding, accepting and healing. Life is entwined with grievances. Transience is what makes life beautiful and worth living. All that comes and goes away is the heart of beauty and the dissipation of this fog eventually clears a new path. 

“… And here am I, budding

among the ruins

with only sorrow to bite on,

as if weeping were a seed and I

the earth’s only furrow.”

–Pablo Neruda, “Lightless Suburb”

Jardines is the new Emerging Artist @ Artisphere 2018 and will be exhibiting her new work May 11-13.



Instagram: MichelleJardines